A prophecy over my life that I cherish.

October 9, 2019

Many people in this global visit clairvoyants find out about their existence and their future and this could be very attractive for human beings as each person would love to have peace approximately their future. however, a christian may have a present of prophecy and that they may be used by god to bring a message from him to a person. This is a personal message god gave me years ago through a chum and these days it becomes very comforting to examine and that i concept i might proportion it with you guys. God is actual, and he is personal, and he wishes to talk thru prophets nowadays inspire his humans. Do you’ve got the braveness to are seeking a prophet for a free message off him?

Prophecy from the daddy to Matthew

The fullness of my grace i have given to you. The gift of my salvation belongs to you and daily i talk to you in phrases of endearment and with love. My treasured child, whom i really like an awful lot. Regular will deliver with it new trials, ordinary will convey with it new joy. All the time I’m able to walk by using your aspect and educate you my approaches in all that you do.

As you stand on your personal, square never on my own. As you stand as one, there are many by way of your side. I have given you help from each nook, I’ve made you robust and I’m able to retain to make you more potent Read More Request a ProphecyI will be with you even when there are the ones so one can pick to forsake you.

Am i no longer your father who loves you want you are my baby? Have i not given you a lot? Do i now not desire to provide you extra? You who’ve been set apart and selected by means of me. you who deliver my seal upon your lifestyles. My heart weeps at your sorrow and feelsElation at your joy. Your triumphs convey me pleasure and it’s miles with me that you’ll bounce to heights that go beyond your expectation. With plentiful satisfaction, I will raise you up to confound the knowledge of man. It’s miles in you that I are seeking for to glorify myself. It is with you that i preference to alternate countries. My toddler, who I am keen on.

There isn’t a second in time that I’m able to not do a work in you. Even though I can also draw back to stretch you, I’m by no means so far away that you may no longer sense my presence. Have i now constantly been there for you? Have i not introduced you phrase of consolation time and time once more? have i not poured my love out upon you day in and day trip? This could not cease, nor will it diminish.

I’m a sovereign god, I’m the alpha and omega, i am the beginning and the give up. you have been created for me and by using me. you’re mine and you belong to me. you’ve got greater ability than those around you consider is viable.