How to Conduct a One-To-One Bible Study on Revelations As a Freshman Prophecy Student

October 23, 2019

On the off chance that you don’t think you are completely prepared in these regions you can take up to 14 days and do some examination on the web, go to a Bible workshop (regardless of whether on the web or off), or counsel with a progressively proficient individual regarding the matter at your nearby church. Keep in mind, you are not setting yourself up for normal Bible examination; you are preparing yourself to direct a Bible report on Revelations. Considering the book of Revelations requires somewhat more exertion than the investigation of the four accounts.


In planning for a balanced Bible examination on Revelations, you may not require as a lot of materials as you would requirement for a gathering introduction where you may experience various personalities, and where more questions would fire at you. As an upstart, you are not yet prepared to give a Bible introduction to a crowd of people. As you acquire information from personal prophecy studies and involvement in your request personal prophetic word balanced Bible investigation on the book of Revelations, you will be better arranged to deal with all the more testing circumstances.


For best outcomes in your balanced Bible examination on Revelations, you can pursue these rules:


  1. 1. Pick a part/subject in the book of Revelation that you want to introduce. Set aside the effort to turn out to be progressively acquainted with this section and sort out it in an examination group. For example, in the event that you wish to give a Bible report on the Second Coming, you may discover Revelation 19 a decent spot to begin.


  1. 2. Dodge questionable subjects that loan themselves to contrasts of feeling. Showing such a point could make superfluous issues among yourself and the other individual who may have solid feelings on the theme that are unique in relation to yours. What’s more, that which was proposed to be an enlightening Bible dialog may well end up being an assessment banter. Keep in mind, you need to get them to value this significant book of the Bible. Debate won’t achieve this.


  1. Adhere to that which is undeniable. In your Bible examination on Revelations, when you can exhibit things that the individual with whom you are considering can without much of a stretch identify with, it will in general build up a superior gratefulness for the book of Revelation. This would be enormously upgraded on the off chance that you can demonstrate a reasonable relationship between’s a prophecy in Revelations and different predictions.


  1. Enable your Bible investigation on Revelations to offer would like to your listener. Don’t only present the dry realities; put it in a setting of salvational significance. Over and over again individuals get the feeling that Revelations is only awful updates on significant occasions that will adversely influence the occupants of the world. Your assignment is to cause them to comprehend that the book of Revelations is basically about how God will put a conclusion to sin and delinquents, reestablish Paradise, with the goal that the individuals who wish to be spared can live joyfully ever after.